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Comfort at Turkey's Door...


Favorite of travelers, Edirne; It's like a magical fairy tale with its heritage that presents unique historical evidences... With stories of heroism that increases the value of valor, a "legend that speaks", a "treasure circulating from ear to ear", an open-air museum with its unique natural riches that bring waterways together in its bosom...

We are proud to offer services in the Londra Camping Facilities, which will make you experience the traces of the sultanate in its glorious history, the glory of art in the minarets of its mosques reaching to the sky, the enthusiasm of meeting on its bridges that suit its rivers like ribbons, the simplicity of sharing in its embroidered soup kitchens, the hospitality and sincerity of its guests in its magnificent caravanserais that defy the centuries.

London Camping Facilities, which has maintained its existence by renewing itself since 1970, is at your service to welcome you, our valued guests, with its brand new face. 

  • TV and satellite broadcast

  • Mini bar in our rooms

  • 59 Lux rooms

  • 4 Deluxe rooms.

  • Rooms with a capacity of 200 customers

  • 24-hour reception

  • Wireless Internet

  • air conditioning system

  • 24 hours hot water

  • Generator

  • Enjoying breakfast buffet

  • restaurant

  • Cafe

  • Market

  • Shell Select Gas station

  • Free parking with security camera

  • meeting room for 200 people

  • 3000 Capacity Truck Park

  • The mall

  • Truck and Vehicle Repair Station

  • 60 Ton Weighbridge

  • Private security

Some of the Facilities

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