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Turkey's Largest  Truck Park


Our truck park started to serve with a capacity of 200 in 1970. In line with the innovations made today, it is one of the solution partners of Kapıkulen's truck queue and provides accommodation services for 3000 trucks with 2 truck parks with the largest capacity of Turkey on 500 decares of land.

Every fine detail has been considered in order to provide comfortable and reliable service to the Truck Captains, the invisible heroes of world trade. To the Truck Captains  WC-Shower service, more than 10 restaurants, markets with different options, bill payment services, laundry services,  We provide navigation and telephone technical services, truck tire repair and station services.

Our park features today's cutting-edge technology wonders. We keep up with today's conditions with more than 100 security cameras monitored 24/7, License Plate Recognition Systems, automatic queue systems and free fast internet.

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